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Welcome to Priyobondhu Bohumukhi Bidyalay. 

Priyobondhu Bohumukhi Bidyalay, established by Archana Borthakur Educational Trust, Guwahati, Assam, is a dream that has been cherished by Social worker and Entrepreneur Archana Borthakur, Founder and Managing Trustee of Archana Borthakur Educational Trust [ ]. These primary Schools at Narengi, 2 no. Robingaon, Dharbam, Paschim Killing are established in pursuit of benefiting disadvantaged children residing in slums, streets and remote village areas with limited accessibility; and assisting them to improve their quality of life who are deprived of education and health due to poverty or other social practices.

Education has always been in the backseat due to other greater family needs. Daily we come across many families who struggle to feed themselves and have a difficult time to send their children to school. Millions of people lack the most basic education, which includes literacy, baseline mathematical understanding, and general life skills. Education is also a bare necessity of life that no one can ignore. It is one of the best predictor of success in Children. But there are millions of them in this world who are struggling to have a proper education or no education at all. Children are devoid of education and essential life skills, and without it they can never even think of participating in the mainstream race of development.

The most important feature of these Schools are that no fees or any other costs and charges are collected from the students.

We are prioritizing on activity based learning, experiential learning and life skills with independent learning methods and structures; their individual needs are fostered and taken care of primarily. Our teaching is learner-centered and student-directed and flexible in what is taught and how it is taught.

Children are provided with a healthy breakfast and lunch daily consisting of a variety of foods, especially high-fiber and nutrient-rich whole grains, fruits, and dairy products under essential diet rules. Low income families children should not stay back due to unavailability of school supplies. We provide educational supplies, clothes and uniforms and daily basic essentials etc. Their emotional wellbeing are also being taken special care of because majority of these children of the streets and slums suffer from moderate to severe psychosocial challenges during their childhood which requires prior attention. Their physical wellbeing are also being taken care of by regular health check ups by expert physicians.

One of the prime objectives of the education program is to connect our strong literary traditional roots, its history and culture, folk dances and music of Assam and prioritize on 4 areas of development- Socio-emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Creativity.

The story started from a dilapidated slum situated in Guwahati, Assam, India.

As you might imagine the unhealthy living conditions; the ramshackle houses, impoverished people, using drain water, open defecation, alcoholism, substance abuse, amoral behaviors etc. were the main issues of the slum. After continuous intervention, by setting an informal education center for the children, facilitating water, sanitation and hygiene, awareness on health and environment and by regular providing meals and basic supplies to the people made them aware the importance of well-being.   

After few years, the once street children who could never make their way to School due to poverty, ignorance of parents, the once rag picker, involved in amoral behaviors, never been to school children now waits for the first bell to ring in school; now could read, write, eats a nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner daily, sings, dances, plays, indulges in creative works and more noticeably could participate in the mainstream society.

Consequently, in pursuit for a more organized structure of education and development, a primary school was established at Narengi, Guwahati in the name as Priyobondhu Bohumukhi Bidyalay.

It's a mission to make Children Happy, Healthy and Learned.

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