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Our daily activity

As the school bell rings, a new eventful day starts for the children with the hope of securing their position to participate in the mainstream activities through several experiential learning methods.

The day begins with morning prayers seeking the blessings of the almighty and prayers for the environment and all living and non-living things. The assembly is followed by a nutritious breakfast. The class sessions begins at 9.30 am. Several dedicated experienced child friendly teachers and instructors educate and train the children sincerely throughout the day. At 2 pm children are provided with a healthy lunch consisting of a variety of nutritional foods under essential diet rules. 

Instead of returning back to their dwellings, it is seen that, children prefer to stay at school and try to get involved in our after-school activities programs curriculum. 


Morning Prayers

8.30 am

The assembly begins with prayers, and the children take a vow to take care of and learn to love self; and to love, protect all living and non living things on earth. They also pray in a gratitude, for the person's well-being who donates their food for that day.


Physical Exercise

8.40 am

It is widely believed and seen that physical activity before class sessions increases children's learning ability and confidence. It also increases their involvement in their classroom activities as well. 



9.00 am

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. Children who didn't have a good breakfast in the morning were less attentive in school and less inclined to do well and suffered from fatigue.

Everyday a nutritious breakfast consisting of variety of foods, especially high-fiber and nutrient-rich whole grains, fruits, and dairy served to the children before classes.


Class sessions

9.30 am

We have dedicated experienced child friendly teachers and instructors to educate and train the children sincerely throughout the day. We maintain strict policies like no-punishment, no-scolding and beating the children. It is made mandatory to treat the children with love and care.

The mainstream subjects of our course include- Assamese, English, Mathematics, Social Science, General Science, Fine Arts, Environmental Studies and Hindi.



1.30 pm

After class sessions a nutritious consisting of Cereals, Fish, Meat, Vegetables for lunch are served to the children daily. They are taught to prayer the almighty before eating food. Strict table manners and hygiene are taught and maintained; like washing their hands before eating food, chew with mouth closed and do not talk until they have swallowed, do not chat with others while having food, help clear the table and washing their own dishes etc.


Fun based learning sessions


Fun based learning is a holistic approach to education, and more so when children who come from troubled childhood. In between class sessions, variety of fun, and activity based learning activities are done by experts (Guest faculties) from various backgrounds.


Extra Curricular Activities

After school activity

There is one fact to be noticed that, after school, children prefer to stay at school and try to get involved in our after-school activities programs curriculum. Our afterschool extra academic activities for children include - Paper and Recycled Crafts, Jewelry Crafts, Painting and Drawing, Stitching, Embroidery, Fashion Arts and Fabric Works, Dance, Music, Drama, Singing, Construction and Sculpture, Children Cooking, Science projects, Gardening, Announcing Speaking and Presentation Skills, Creative Writing, Handwriting

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