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Priyobondhu Multipurpose School – a perfect example of 'walk the talk'

Hiren Sarma,

4443 Huntwood Hills Ln., Katy, Texas, USA

Founder, Assam Development Initiative (ADI) Trust


Recently I received an invitation from Ms. Archana Borthakur, Managing Trustee of Archana Borthakur Educational Trust to attend the inaugural ceremony of her 'Priyobondhu Multipurpose School, Guwahati.' The objective of this one-of-a-kind school in the State, located in Narengi, is to provide free education to the children from various 'Basti' (slum) areas in Guwahati based on a 'holistic' approach towards learning (body, mind, and spirit along with academics).

As sponsor of an ongoing project 'Value based Education & Child Development' in Assam, on behalf of Assam Development Initiative (ADI) Trust (under the Directorship of Ms. Borthakur), it gives me immense pleasure to see Archana taking such a responsible task in hand to educate these underprivileged and forgotten children in our society. This is certainly a prime example of someone demonstrating the old adage of 'practice what you preach.' ADI is currently engaged in various stages of implementing the Value based Education (VbE) project in six(6) Government schools across Assam. Archana Borthakur, a well-known social worker is specifically engaged in the welfare of children and women in the rural areas through her organization Priyobondhu. She joined the ADI project in 2018 as Project Director and formed a small team with Palash Kalita as Project Coordinator and Kinkar Borah as Field Coordinator. Ms. Upasha Boruah Phukan, Secretary, ADI provides the project oversight.

I convey my well wishes and blessings for a good start and continued development of the school.

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